Thoughts from a Musician


What does it mean to be passionate?

As I sit at the breakfast table, slowing sipping my coffee, I reflect upon my adventure last night.

Images race through my brain of bright strings of lights, cheerful faces, and shining instruments. Sounds echo in my ears of voices, laughter, and electric hums. My lips are tugged up in a smile as I remember the feeling of hugs, of joy, and of complete and utter contentment.

There’s a pause in my reminiscence. Contentment? I just had a terrible two weeks at school. I feel content? Just the other day I was complete worn down, drowning in heartbreak, stress, hunger, and despair. And yet, I cannot deny the warmth in my heart. Why is that? And then it dawns on me: when was the last time I allowed myself to fully engage in something I was passionate about like I did last night?

Passion in my eyes is one of those God-given gifts to humanity that gives us a glimpse into heaven, and when we allow ourselves to let go of all worries and instead completely engage with what we’re made to do, we experience the Kingdom.

So again I revisit last night in my mind. Myself and five other of my close friends held a benefit concert to raise money for college students to attend mission trips. Together we planned out a night of music, from blues, to heavy rock; from ballads to twangy folk, and MAN we sounded good. I look around and I am surrounded by incredible vocalists, soloists, and musicians who are passionate. These are people who are not afraid of what people think of them. People who, once they embrace their instrument in their hands, they embrace it with their whole being, and create beautiful art.

I feel incredibly honored that I got to be a part of that. That I got to join them in the artistic frenzy, and use the gifts God has given me to participate in something wonderful.

So yes. This morning, I am filled with contentment from indulging my soul in freedom. From taking a deep breath and inviting the Kingdom into my daily life.

I think I need to allow myself to be passionate more often.


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